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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  December 2, 2009 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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just ahead on eyewitness news, today, mayor sheila dixon in city hall trying to press on regular business. i'm mary bubala. a live report just ahead. what is next? the mayor is found guilty in one of five counts. will she be removed from office? it is tiger. i need you to do me a huge favor. >> is it tiger? a voice that sounds like tiger woods calling a woman. what did he ask her to do? rain is on the
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satellite/radar. when will it reach your house? >> i'm sally thorner. >> i'm don scott. >> i'm bernadette woods. we have a lot to talk about. we will have
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it is back to work. mayor sheila dixon is found guilty, but that is not stopping her from her duties at city hall. >> i'm don scott. >> i'm sally thorner. >> today, mayor sheila dixon returned to city hall, a day after she was found guilty of
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using gift cards. we have mike hellgren outside courthouse east looking at what is ahead next for the mayor. first, we will go to mary bubala with more on the mayor being there. >> reporter: good afternoon. we are told that mayor dixon is in city hall meeting with her senior staff. she is trying to go about business as usual, when yesterday, nothing will ever be the same. a day after the verdict, mayor sheila dixon leaves her home heading into work at city hall. mayor sheila dixon is moving forward as some are calling for her to move on. the city is still dealing with the gravity of the judgment against her. the gift cards intended for needy families were used by her. she went to work yesterday after the verdict and attended
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an event in fells point. >> things are not over. i'm mayor. we will stay focused on moving forward. >> reporter: can the mayor move the city forward when her future is uncertain and the future of the city is in peril? budget projections show a $52 million in the current budget. layoffs and furloughs and pensions need to be made in the days ahead. >> i know the mayor has worked hard to deep this from being a distraction to city business. the truth of the matter is it has been. >> reporter: when and if the time comes to replace dixon, the city charter elevates the council president. >> this position prepares us for any expanded role. >> reporter: she will finish her meeting with her staff and she has a lunchtime meeting
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with the school board meeting at city hall. she does have one event on her public schedule at 4:00 today. she is expected to attend. back to you. >> thank you. complete coverage of the mayor sheila dixon verdict continues can mike hellgren as court -- continues with mike hellgren at courthouse east. >> reporter: sally, this legal wrong -- wrangling could go on for a long time. whether the mayor stays in office, though, could truly depend on what her constituents are doing and what the party big wigs are saying. jurors found mayor dixon guilty, but she is still in office. why? "for any crime which is a felony or misdemeanor related to public duties and involves
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moral terpitude, the mayor shalling suspended out pay or benefits." >> we will argue that this doesn't qualify. >> reporter: the judge could also sentence the mayor to what is called probation before judgment. that wipes away the conviction all together. the defense attorney does not think that is likely. >> i think the true sanction that he will really be understanding of is she has to step down. she will be out of office and loses her pension and employment at the moment. there is no safety net that exists for her. she will be in bad shape for a while. >> reporter: the true issue is the court of public opinion. anthony told me things will be critical. >> if mayor dixon decides she will hold on, you will see more
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and more officials to say it is time to move on. >> reporter: they knew the weight the decision would have on the city. >> it is like giving somebody the death penalty. we have put our hands on somebody's life. >> reporter: even after the mayor survives after the verdict, she still have another trial in march. >> thank you. complete coverage with the verdict against sheila dixon continues with jessica kartalija. >> reporter: it is a verdict that people were not expecting. it has everybody talking this afternoon. >> her career will be destroyed. it seems to be a lot of money and time invested in this issue. >> she played her cards the way she has. she is comfortable.
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she was able to see three not guilties and one guilt. whatever options that are available to play out, she should play them out. >> reporter: a lot of opinions. the dixon verdict is the talk of the town today. you can take part in our poll here at the question following the verdict, do you think that sheila dixon should remain in office? you can also e-mail us your comments to wjj.webalert. you can look for your comments and other -- wzj.webalert. you can look for your comments on >> thank you. stay with the coverage of the mayor sheila dixon trial. for more on the case, go to baltimore city police are investigating two shootings from overnight. one involving a 9-year-old. three men kicked in the door of
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north elmont. when they were inside, they opened fire. the family's dog was killed and the boy is being treated at the hospital. an animal control officer is recovering after his window was shot and he was shot in the hand. police are investigating if this is related to an animal control call. tiger woods speaks out as a voice mail claiming to be his voice as he speaks to his mistress. we have terrell brown with more. >> reporter: tiger woods says he let his family down. "i regret the transgressions with all of my heart." the golfer has "not been true to my values in the way my family deserves." this is after ""us magazine"" public itched a story over a cocktail waitress had an affair
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with the golfer. jaimee grubbs has proof. >> it is tiger. i need you to do me a huge favor. can you please take your name off your phone? my wife went through my phone and may be calling you. if you can, please take your name off that and just have it as a number on the voice mail. just your telephone number. you have to do this for me. huge. quickly. bye. >> reporter: "us weekly" checked out the story. >> you know it is tiger woods. having heard his voice on many occasions, whether he is talking to a commentator or somebody else. we checked the numbers and we
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have done due diligence. >> reporter: tiger says he is dealing with the issue behind closed doors. yesterday, florida troopers charged tiger woods with the careless driving accident he had last week. woods says he will strive to be a better person and husband and father. terrell brown, cbs news, orlando. >> woods was issued a $164 fine for careless driving. rain is making its way across the first warning doppler weather radar and maryland. let's look outside right now. it looks and feels like precipitation is close. we are live with first warning weather coverage for you with meteorologist bernadette woods. >> good afternoon. we are starting out the day with rain. let's show you the first warning doppler weather radar. you can see down to the south
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where the brighter colors are located. that rain will pick up in intensity. the sprinkles in maryland and on the eastern shore. the rain is coming down across the west. as we head into tonight, this will pick up. i want to show you the graphic here. the storm will pass to the south. it is heavy rain and it will bring thunderstorms in addition to the winds pick up. we will have the complete forecast coming up. thank you. we had november thunderstorms, why not december. still to come on eyewitness news at noon, adding more troops. the president outlines his plan for the war in afghanistan in a primetime address. a father makes a heart breaking decision on who's life he can save. and take another live look outside. stick around. the first warning doppler weather radar forecast is coming up.
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president obama is trying to win congressional approval to send 30,000 more troops to
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afghanistan. the president announced the plan last night. the plan sets the goal for troop withdrawal by summer of 2011. closing arguments are wrapping up in the case of the american exchange student accused of killing her british roommate. amanda knox is on trial in the murder of meredith kercher. a verdict is expected by the end of the week. and awful story from new zealand as a man has to choose between saving his life or 13- year-old son. the family was in a station wagon when it plunged into the river. the man arrived at the crash scene as he dived down to try to rescue them. >> i could not reach the car. my main priority was to get her back to the shore. she was not coping. >> police and firefighters were unable to rescue the boy from the vehicle. the accident happened when the
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family was chasing young children who vandalized their mailbox. for the second time this year, gm is looking for a new ceo. fritz henderson has stepped down. >> wow. take another live look outside this noon and stick around. the first warning forecast is just moments away. and here is a look at the stocks
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welcome back. take a look outside. it is dry for now. that is going to change. i want to show you first warning doppler weather radar. the rain is just on the door step for most of us. in some cases, it has moved into the southern parts of the state and off to the west. from cumberland out through all of oakland in the rain now. picked up in intensity. berkley and hancock and down to the south, the same idea. cambridge, right around you. maybe a few sprinkles at this point. down to the south of that, through leonardtown, it is wet. we will switch it over and show you the clouds that came in overnight. they thickened up this morning. we saw the moon out there in some cases this morning. look at the changes coming
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right now. at this point, the winds are light turning to the south. oakland jumped up to 20-mile-an- hour winds. the winds are producing milder air from the south. contrasting with the rain. 56 in ocean city. 48 in baltimore. 36 in cumberland. the rain has started to come down. overall, here is the storm. it is a very big one. producing everything from snow on the western side in texas to severe weather across the deep south. for us, we are going to get the rain. heavy rain into tonight. even the potential for thunderstorms as the center of the storm comes our way tonight. that will kick up the winds even more. oakland has 20-mile-an-hour winds. that is why there is a wind advisory in effect through 10:00 tonight. the winds will turn from the south to the west and it will remain high. that dries us out tomorrow. there is colder air coming in
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friday through the weekend. at the same time, there is a second storm coming up that will put moisture back into the cold air. it is skirting across maryland. we could see rain mixed with wet snow as we head through saturday. on the waters, small craft advisory in effect. it will be replaced by gale warnings today. we will have low 50s with the rain picking up. heavy at times tonight. tomorrow, we clear out. it will be mild. i'll have the five-day forecast coming up. thank you. >> and remember, wjz is always on. here are the stories we are following on the web site. for constant updates of the news and first warning weather forecast, go to
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don't forget to check in with eyewitness news today at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. find out why a day of marital bliss turns out violently for one local groom. that is today after "dr. phil." stay with us. the five-day forecast is c if you have high blood pressure, like me,
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